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How Sugar Relationships Really Work

At its core, Sugar Dating is about spoiling your partner. Finding someone that makes you smile, and doing everything you can to make them smile back. With sugar dating, both parties agree to support each-other financially and emotionally.

spark of sugar

The spark of sugar: The Sugar Meet+Greet.

Both the Potential Daddy (Pot) and Baby will agree on a time, location and upfront price to go on their first Sugar Meet+Greet. The upfront price covers the cost of the sugar baby to pamper themselves and to arrive wherever is most convenient for the daddy. PaperDate makes setting up this initial meet and greet simple with our patent pending Sugar Meet+Greet system, you can propose the details of your meet and greet without wasting a dime.

Advantages of being a sugar baby

sugar baby table
sugar baby standing
sugar baby beach
Classy dates, pampering and gifts
Mentorship to help network and grow
Mature Relationships, no games

Advantages of being a sugar daddy

sugar daddy dance
sugar daddy gift
sugar daddy standing
Meet young, beautiful, confident women
Honest Open Relationships with No Strings Attached
Live the life you've dreamed!

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