CoronaVirus Changes How We Date

Posted by: Ashley
Coronavirus map reviewed over 15,000 date offers from 2020 and noticed an interesting correlation with the recent coronavirus. Over the past month, the demand and average price per date with Asian women have dramatically decreased; while other ethnicities continue to thrive.

Asian women are earning less

In January, Asians were the most sought after ethnicity; nearly 45% of men would make an offer (averaging $240 per date) to women with Asian descent over any other race… Now in March, Asians are not in demand, with just under 12% of date offers being sent to Asian women, the average date is now just $60.

PaperDaters start communication without a message

PaperDaters start communication without a message, but by simply sending a date offer; this offer can range from a $50 to a $500 date. The value of the date represents the type of date the user can expect, and not a monetary exchange.

Meanwhile, other ethnicities are unaffected by the virus:

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