Why am I on the waiting list?

Posted by: Ashley
Why am i on the waiting list

Quality requires analysis: why am I on the waiting list?

To ensure that the ratio of Generous Men to Attractive Girls is balanced, we throttle the number of new Attractive Girls that we allow in to the site. We are always looking at the volume of Attractive Girls and Generous Men in each region before we accept new users, ensuring that everyone finds a pair without unfair competition.

One trick is to try joining in a smaller city near where you live, the ratio will be much lower and you will have a higher chance of being approved!

Any forecast of how long I'll have to wait?

We would love to give you an exact time of when you'll be approved, but the deadline can vary a lot (we received more than 2,000 requests per day and we manually analyze each profile.

To improve your chances of being approved quicker, make sure that every profile field is finished and that you have uploaded the maximum number of photos. This will put you on top of the queue for your region's approval queue.

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